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Red Thai Chicken Panang Curry

Richard Harris Soans

August 9, 2021
Cuisine: Thai

Main Description.

Thai Red Curry

The base Thai red curry paste is traditionally made fresh with mortar and simple kitchen tools,  and it remains moist throughout the preparation process. The red coloring is  derived from dry red Chilies  Thai red curry pastes are readily available in super markets, which have a shelf life span for up to 2 years, Make sure you get a nice brand, which makes life easier.




  • 150 Gms Boneless Chicken Thighs (cut into bite sizes)

    2 Red Chilies 

    1 Tbsp Chopped onions.

    1 Tbsp Spoon Galangal (Thai) Ginger Chopped

    1 Tbsp Chopped Garlic 

    2 large Stalks of Lemon Grass roughly cut

    1 Tsp of Roughly Chopped Spring Onions

    5 Kaffir Lime Leaves

    salt to taste

    1/2 Tsp Crushed Black Pepper Powder

    1 Tbsp Fish Sauce

    2 Large Bowl of Coconut milk (add Coconut milk powder Mixed with hot water)

    100 Gms Mushrooms

    100 Gms Zucchini

    100 Gms Broccoli 

    3 Tbsp  Red Thai Curry Paste (Ready made)



  • 01

    In a Heated Frying Pan, add coconut oil, as soon as the oil is hot, add the Chicken pieces and fry them for two mins on high heat, add salt to taste and black peppers, move the chicken pieces on the one side of the pan.

  • 02

    In the same Pan, add Chopped onions and fry for 1 minute, add Ginger and Garlic, fry for 2 mins, Add the Broccolis, Zucchinis and Mushrooms and stir fry for 2 to 3 mins, add the Kafir lime leaves, Lemon Grass stalks, and cook them for 3 to 4 mins, add the Red Curry Paste, fry and mix for 1 min 

  • 03

    Add the  coconut milk and bring it to a boil, and keep mixing and make sure the lumps are not formed, cook for 3 to 4 mins max, add the red chilies and spring onions for garnishing, finally add the fish sauce and further cook for 2 mins.

  • Make sure you do not over cook the Chicken Thighs as they cook faster.

  • Use the Coconut Powder with hot water to make the coconut milk
  • Add any veggies of your choice
  • This Aromatic Red curry goes Very well with jasmine rice or any rice.
  • This is a Spicy dish, if any time you feel the dish is more spicy than you prefer, you can always mellow it down by using 1 cup of additional Coconut milk.